Seussical The Musical


At The Glynn Owen Centre, please arrive promtly and wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. Please be patient if things overrun, it is a very difficult process and we must get all members in the correct parts in a tiny time!
Please note – this is drop off only, no parents will be entering the hall/changing rooms.

6.45-7.15pm – Juniors for The Whos/Cadets and Animals/Elephant Bird all JOJO auditionees (PLease note recalls for Jojo will need to stay until 9pm
7.15 – 7.30pm – THE CAT,
8.15-8.30 – GENERAL, VLAD
8.30 – 9 – JoJO
8.30 – 9.45 – Recalls all seniors

Parts will be posted on facebook, kids calender and the A4T website over the following week

Rehearsals start from the following Friday;
6.45-7.45 – Full Cast
7.45 – 9.45 – Seniors (JoJo till 9pm)

All children who audition will be included in the cast, auditions are a chance for members to ‘have a go’ at auditioning and to place them in the correct ensemble part/role they are not scary!

Seussical The Musical follows the story of the Cat in The Hat books; Horton the elephant finds a clover and no one believed that the whos are living there. The Wickershams, Sour Kangaroo and Vlad Vladikof all try and steal the clover. Meanwhile JoJo in Whoville is sent to the Military Academy of Genreal Scmitz and Mayzie La Bird goes on holiday leaving her egg with Horton and Gertrude tries to get Horton to notice her new tail…Lots going on, a great family show which has tons of fun for the cast.

Anyone4Theatre will be celbrating their 5th year with this show to be held at The Pavilion Theatre, Worthing from 20th – 22nd April 2011.
The group is a ‘non-profit youth organisation’ with charity status focussed on allowing its members to resource themselves with skills they will need in their futures (with the added benefit of a fantastic performance experience!)
The members fundraise the money needed to take part in the groups’ lavish shows. Parents therefore have the joy in watching their child take some responsibility for their own activity and can see their child gaining some ownership skills. members do not simply bring a cheque in from mum/dad to pay to take part. They attend fundraising events, promotional events too.

It is a big commitement-fundraising, attending rehearsals every week on a Friday without absence and getting involved with our community events in the holidays too… But its a hugely worthwhile experience which will encourage friendships, confidence, self esteem and just learning to hang around with some really cool, kind people!
Absences are awful for the child/member – we encourage you to not book holidays from September – April, absences cause members stress, upset and confusion and let the rest of the team down. Absolutely NO ABSENCES are acceptable 4 week before the show.

Rehearsals will take place each Friday (including Holidays)
Juniors 6.45-7.45
Seniors 6.45-9.45pm
Rehearsals are sometimes held on a Sunday to help anyone struggling, rehearsals from Feb will be Sunday afternoons ans well as Friday.

All the staff are volunteers; parents are also expected to help, each parent will be asked to sell programmes at one show AS WELL as helping in other ways (raffle, ticket sales, first aid, helping at events, photocopying – the list is endless)

You are required to sell at least 30 tickets for the show, this year we will be introducing a system whereby if you cannot sell the 30 tickets, you will be asked to raise more money. Details of the amounts will be confirmed at audition prep.

If you have friends who may wish to take part, please do not invite them along without having called to chat to us first. (members must take a class with RSOPA)

If you have any other questions please mail them, or ask some of the other parents whos children have taken part, but please ask, don’t stay silent!

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