Rehearsals and Fundraising Events…

Fri 14th october -6.45-7.45 Full Cast,    7.45-9.45 seniors only act 2 read through

Fri 21st October- 6.45-7.45pm,    full cast 7.45-9.45pm seniors singing ‘Belle’ and dialogue act 1 scene 4

Tuesday 25th October – Sponsored Walk… If your child is in the juniors it is up to the parent how much they participate. All juniors must be accompanied by a parent for the walk. Meet at Shoreham Station 8.25am for a prompt departure at 8.30am. Arrive at Sealane for lunch around 12.45pm. Lunch Juniors meet at Sealane Cafe at 1.20pm for 1.30pm prompt departure. All juniors and younger seniors must be accompanied. Arrive at Harvester, Littlehampton around 3.45pm for Dinner. Depart at 5pm 7pm aim to be at sea lane, drinks stop 11/11.30pm collect at Shoreham Station

Parents please be on call for your seniors incase they need collecting at any point. We do need some volunteer helpers even if to walk part of the walk. You will need; Comfy clothing, waterproofs, trainers, sugary sweets, lucozade, water, money for lunch and dinner, plasters all in a backpack.

Fri 28th October 2-7pm full cast for big numbers and castle scenes.

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